Our Impact

SAEP students have earned over 25,000 degrees


For more than 30 years, the San Antonio Education Partnership has been a pillar in the San Antonio community.  Originally founded in 1989, SAEP’s mission is to create college opportunities, access, and success for our community.  We provide students, youth and adults alike, the opportunity to access higher education.  Our services include goal setting, career planning, college entry and enrollment, college affordability and financial aid, and college transition. These services are provided at local high schools as well as at the City of San Antonio’s supported cafécollege, centrally located in downtown San Antonio.  Annually, we provide services to over 12,000 youth and adult learners and award scholarships to nearly 2,000 college students in San Antonio.

Our Mission


We create college opportunities, access, and success for our community.

Our Values 


Communication, Integrity, Excellence, Respect, Innovation, Teamwork



Please be advised that the electronic financial statement presented are for convenience and information purposes only, and while reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the integrity of such electronic information, they should not be relied upon. A copy of the printed financial statements which may be relied upon will be provided on request. Thank you.


3-Year Strategic Plan (2021-2024)

GOAL #1 

Broaden digital and data capabilities 

  • Improve the use of data to evaluate, strengthen and celebrate program outcomes 
  • Increase and identify funding opportunities and sources for expansion of digital and data capabilities 
  • Develop blended service delivery approach for use across all programs 
  • Improve and expand advising services through digital platforms 
  • Evaluate existing enrollment history and determine what changes or modifications need to be made according to current needs 

GOAL #2 

Be the community leader for college opportunity, access, and success  

  • Improve SAEP brand identity and program awareness 
  • Improve Board engagement and advocacy 
  • Recruit and retain exceptional staff 
  • Communicate SAEP impact to stakeholders 
  • Develop, create, and leverage strategic partnerships with community organizations 
  • Increase engagement in SAEP programs 

GOAL #3 

Increase services to underserved adult learners and opportunity youth 

  • Identify college-to-career pathways for all students in high-wage, high-demand, high-skilled careers for upskilling and reskilling opportunities.  
  • Establish collaborations with workforce agencies and adult literacy, GED attainment and Opportunity Youth service providers.  
  • Establish support system to assist students after high school to better prepare and support them through college.     
  • Increase and diversify funding for services to underserved adult learners and opportunity youth 
  • Developpartnerships with employers across industries. 
  • Create outreach and marketing campaigns which target underserved adult learners and opportunity youth