A Road Worth Traveling…

These difficult times for our students have made me truly appreciate my own journey throughout my college days. As a first generation college student and coming from a background of immigrant parents I quickly learned I would have to become my own advocate. It took me 6 years on and off to finally earn my Associates Degree. I don’t blame anyone for the extended time it took me to graduate. This was simply a result of misinformation, financial need, and more than anything a lack of a knowledgeable support system. The third time I dropped out I visited Cafecollege. I met with an advisor who for an hour gave me some of the most vital information I needed to fast track toward graduating and transferring to UTSA. Most importantly he gave me one of the most honest and much needed pep talks of my college career. By the end of that visit I was convinced being a college advisor was exactly what I was supposed to do. That day I walked out with a plan in hand for reaching my bachelors. I committed myself to becoming that advocate I needed so badly for future first generation college students. I followed through on that plan the advisor at Cafecollege had helped me make. Years later my husband sent me a job posting for a college advisor at San Antonio Education Partnership. A few weeks later I was sitting behind a desk being trained to become a college advisor at the same place that had empowered me to complete my education. My own experience has taught me that every student will have their own journey and as advisors it is best we meet them where they are at and continue to encourage and support them on whatever path they have chosen to follow.


Patsy Rodriguez

College Access & Success Advisor